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We feel a great sense of urgency to get God’s Word to orphans and foster children on a global scale. With your help Orbie for Orphans can equip those on the front lines with this critically important tool!

Animated discipleship curriculum is such a powerful and effective way for children to renew their minds so they can interpret their feelings and circumstances through the lens of biblical truth. This exciting mission becomes a reality as God’s people GIVE, involve their CHURCH, and PRAY. We can all do something to bring these children this gift of eternal value!

...Through Giving

Your donation helps us bring healing from God’s Word to children who are living without the love and security of a family. Financial gifts work to translate, publish, and distribute our animated discipleship curriculum to orphans and foster children. Thank you for investing in God’s work in this impactful way!

...Through Your Church

Here are some ways your church can help Orbie for Orphans bring life change to orphans and foster children.

  • Through our unique “Just Like Me” Bible Study program, we are able to partner with churches to take their children on a four week missional journey to build greater awareness of the plight of orphans and to raise up a generation of people who are ready to take action to respond to the biblical mandate of caring for orphans and foster children.

...Through Prayer

As we work to bring the light of the gospel to children who have experienced so much darkness, prayer is our greatest need!

Here are some specific requests:

  • Ask God to GUIDE the writing of the lessons, the video scripts, and the animation.
  • Ask God for a powerful connection between God’s Word and the unique issues orphaned children face.
  • Ask God to PROVIDE the funding and creativity needed for production.
  • Ask God to HEAL the wounds of orphans and foster children through biblical truth. Pray that they begin to understand who God is in the midst of their abandonment, anger, fear, and feelings of being unloved.
  • Ask God to MULTIPLY the impact of this one project to reach millions of orphans as God raises up His church to disciple and care for these children.