Orbie for Orphans is a global non-profit organization committed to creating resources for churches, missionaries and orphan leaders to help orphans and vulnerable children overcome their painful issues of feeling unloved, discarded and unwanted.


At Orbie we are focused on helping foster children and those that have been left behind both here in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world. There are approximately 153 million orphans in the world today. That is roughly HALF of the population of the United States!  Most of these will never be adopted by a loving family. Adding to this crisis is the fact that 38,000 orphans "age out" each day and are left homeless on the streets becoming vulnerable to sex trafficking and countless crimes. There are more than 400,000 children in the U.S. Foster Care System. Approximately 100,000 of those are available for adoption.


After significant research, we have learned that one of the greatest needs in global orphan care is for resources that connect God's Word to the specific struggles of orphans and foster children. Many great organizations are meeting the physical needs of orphans. Few are creating tools that effectively meet their spiritual and emotional needs.

Because children are oral/visual learners, we combine engaging animation with Bible study materials in a unique format that children (literate or illiterate) can understand and retain. After extensive field testing ( 8 languages, 27 countries ) we are convinced that presenting biblical truths in this fresh and engaging format provides the best opportunity for healing in the wounded hearts of orphans around the world. Nothing like this exists today.  The sad reality for most orphans is that nobody is coming to adopt them.  But as we send Orbie through this curriculum, millions can learn that God loves them and will never leave them.  

the impact

From day one, Orbie for Orphans as been focused on a big solution to a big problem. Our goal is to have an eternal impact, reaching the masses of the world's most wounded children in a way that truly changes their lives. Our ministry model is similar to our partner "The Jesus Film Project" where the creation of a high quality resource can have a lasting impact on millions of lives for decades to come.

The great news is that a distribution network for our resource tool already exists through churches, missionaries and orphan ministries. We hope to teach our curriculum to 500,000 orphans in the next 5 years.  Our tool is already changing lives in twenty-seven different countries and in eight different languages around the world.