These are exciting times for Orbie for Orphans!Our first teaching kit, The One Who Stays, will be ready to go on the front lines in early May. Based on distribution channels, we are translating this from English into 6 other languages. Because 67% of the world’s children learn through oral/visual means, animation is a key component of our strategy to bring life change to these children. They learn best through seeing stories come to life, and yet, curriculum for orphans using animation is unheard of…until now.

Isolated in countries that speak these languages, millions of orphans and street children are waiting…for a family, for someone to love them, and for hope. They need the unshakable hope that comes from Christ and His Word before they age out. Only a tiny fraction will ever be adopted. As they “graduate” into life without a family, most will end up in some type of trafficking and criminal behavior. There is a great urgency to teach them specific Biblical truth so that they can heal and discover that God is their refuge as they face life on their own.

We are at a critical time, and need you to play a key role in this worldwide mission by helping us reach our goal in sponsoring a language!

Here’s why: Each time we translate this kit into another language, thousands more are reached! This simple step reaches so many more. $4500 per language provides the voiceover for the animated video and translations of the 4 written lessons. Any amount you can give toward these costs sends Orbie into more countries and moves our mission forward!

  • If you would like to give to a specific language, click here to donate by selecting“I Want To Give A Special Gift Now” and then shoot us an email with a message telling us where to direct your gift.
  • If we receive more than the cost of translation, the funds will go to further development of the curriculum for the children in that language!
  • Or, you can click here to give where funding is most needed in language translation.

Thank you for this investment! It will have a far reaching impact – for eternity.

“The Word of the Lord proves true; He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.” – Psalm 18:30