Recently in January, our adopted daughter had surgery with the craniofacial team at the University of North Carolina.  It was a big deal for her as evidenced by short video we took of her at the hospital.

Seeing the doctors and nurses work with her for 3 days, it was evident that they are really good at what they do! Clearly, this craniofacial team knows what their mission is and they do it well.

But, there is another type of care that our daughter has needed, and one that all orphans and foster children need. Hopeless children need the hope that comes from Christ alone. Only one organization can provide this…It’s the church. God’s people have a calling, a mission that was given to it by Jesus to evangelize, disciple, and care for children without families.

God is pretty clear on this issue in James 1:27 where we are told to visit widows and orphans in their distress. The word “visit” in this instance doesn’t mean a token visit  to soothe our conscience. The actual word there means to “inspect” and “select”. We are to look closely to see what they need, and then select a way to minister to them based on the time, talent, and resources God has put into our hands.

Only the church has the power of the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God to change the lives of these children on the inside. Only the church has a vast people resource, in every country, speaking almost every language. The church is the greatest untapped resource for cultural influence in our world today.

So, how are we doing in this God-given mission? Are we doing as well as the craniofacial team is doing in carrying out their mission?  The real answer might be unsettling. That’s one reason we believe God has raised up Orbie for Orphans to be a growing resource for the church in this calling. Our Animated Discipleship Curriculum provides an opportunity for the indigenous church to minister deeply to abandoned and neglected children living in orphanages, adopted homes, or foster homes. 

Here’s how we plan to do this in 2014:

Produce and distribute the first video with 4 lessons on abandonment called, “The One Who Stays”.  It will be translated into Russian, Spanish, Creole, and Swahili.  The need is great, and we can hardly wait to get it on the front lines! The launch date is May 1, 2014.

Here’s how you can help!

  1. Pray: This God-sized vision is too big and too hard to accomplish on human wisdom and strength.  This project is from Him, through Him and to Him.
  2. Network: Share about Orbie for Orphans through social media channels like Facebookand Twitter, and with the missions pastors at your church. Have Orbie for Orphans as the missions partner for your Vacation Bible School this summer. Contact us about your church buying water bottles with hygiene kits to take on mission trips and thereby help fund the animation!
  3. Give: Help us send Orbie around the world!