Who knew that the simple transfer of a box could bring such a thrill? Last month, we were at the National Orphan Summit in Chicago where a few thousand people gathered who work on the front lines with orphans and foster children. As we sold our Mission Trip Curriculum Kits in 7 languages, we would ask, “Where will this be used? Where will this box go?” Their answers sent our hearts soaring:

Zimbabwe, Brazil, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Guatemala, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Haiti, and in the U.S.…children’s homes, adoptive homes, and foster homes!

 ”Whoa! A friend of mine just discovered [the ORBIE curriculum], and just the name of it is bringing tears to my eyes: “The One Who Stays.” This is SO needed for institutionalized kids and orphans. They’re right! Normal Sunday school curriculum only scratches the surface.” – Rebecca E. via Facebook

Oh, the power of a box! Powerful because it gives God’s people a tool to impact the lives of children who live in isolation in orphanages. Powerful because it passes on Biblical truth to a group that God has clearly called His people to care for. Powerful because each box contains:

  • Animation that teaches abandoned children about the One who stays.
  • 4 Bible Studies that connect His Word to their pain.
  • Teaching tools and Supplies for 50 kids!

We pray for these special people as they take ORBIE all over the world!