The news is carrying the ongoing story right now of two American medical missionaries who contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia. One, in particular, is Dr. Kent Brantly, a young doctor just starting out with a wife and small children. The natural question to ask is, “Why?”

Why would this man sacrifice and risk so much in order to ease human suffering in a third-world country? The answer is simple. He said, “Yes,” to the call of God.

We spent last weekend, at the Church of God General Assembly, with missionaries like this who serve on the front lines all over the world. These folks do heroic things everyday! They are impacting the kingdom of God everyday. It was an honor to be counted among them at this conference:

  • One young couple, with two children, serve in Cambodia on the floating villages there where the poverty is mind-boggling.
  • We met a Kentucky pastor who does extensive mission work with gypsy children in Romania.
  • We met an empty-nest couple who sold everything, live in an RV, and spend 70% of their time training pastors all over Africa.
  • And, we met a woman who works daily with male sex offenders, ages 11-18, in the Tampa area.

Why do they do it? The answer is simple. They said, “Yes,” to the call of God. The call is not easy and it doesn’t always make sense on paper. But, they heard it from the One that they know, love, and trust. For these heroes, there really was no other option. Christ is their life and they believe they were created by Him and for Him…and He called…so well, that’s a no-brainer.

Why not answer “Yes!” knowing that His call is never a trivial thing and that critically important issues are at stake?

Why not spend your talent, time, and treasure in following the One who is everything to them?

We’re thankful today for those who answered the call and said, “Yes!”