We spent the past week at the CAFO Summit in Louisville, Kentucky. What is CAFO, you ask?

CAFO is the Christian Alliance for Orphans. They exist to unite a movement of organizations, churches and individuals worldwide. Each year CAFO holds a Summit which is a community of kindred hearts, gathering from across America and around the world. Who are they? Parents and pastors, experts and organizations, leaders and servants - each eager both to share and to receive — expertise and encouragement, resources and friendship. All passionate to see children thrive in adoption, foster care and effective service to the vulnerable worldwide. Seeking justice and mercy, rooted deep in the Gospel of God’s unfailing love.

We spent the week sharing Orbie and our cirriculum with folks in the trenches of Orphan and Foster Care. We heard speakers from around the globe who know first hand what the orphan and foster care crisis are and who are affected by it. These were stories that would just break your heart, but we also heard stories of God’s grace and redemption. We learned that there is both brokenness and beauty in working with foster kids and orphans.

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