Collin's Story

Orbie for Orphans is a Christian non-profit organization formed out of Oodles World, a family entertainment company.  In 2011, Oodles World founders Hal and Stephanie Brown joined with Carl and Jill Toth to launch this ministry to orphans and foster children.

After many mission trips to orphanages and the adoption of a little girl in China, the Toths saw a great unmet need in the global orphan crisis. Believing that the deepest need of these children is to know God and His heart, the Toths set out to create a tool that churches, missionaries, and frontline workers could use to apply hope from God’s Word to their pain as deeply wounded, vulnerable children. Through research on the frontlines, Orbie founders found that using oral/visual methods greatly enhanced retention and life change. Orbie for Orphans has developed and field-tested a multi-sensory curriculum kit called “The One Who Stays” in eight languages and 27 countries. The result? It works and the demand is great for more!

Orbie for Orphans is a 501(c)(3) founded to bring the light of Christ into the dark world of orphans and foster children.